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(Read This: 5 Reasons Why Real Men Train for Strength)Fine tuning your deadlift will allow you to avoid the common pitfalls that lead to injury.

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To find the correct hand position raise your hands out in front of you and then drop your hands straight down. For most people, you’ll be grabbing the bar just outside of your legs.Here are the top six: Place your feet under your hips.Point the toes out slightly to prevent the knees from bowing in. In fact your foot placement when deadlifting should be very similar to your foot placement during a vertical jump.The reason is that we’re all different, and size and shape are critical to what your form looks like.With that said, however, there are a number of technique hacks that we can all benefit from.They are an essential hack for experienced lifters that will get them bigger and stronger quicker.

If you’re ready to take your deadlifts to the next level, it’s time to invest in some quality lifting straps.

This will put your collarbone slightly in front of the barbell.

Doing this is going to allow you to hold the barbell in a straight line. This places your scapula and shoulders behind the barbell, pushing the knees forward.

Lower the bar the same way you lift it up; in a straight line. You also need to ensure that you start from a dead stop every time.

Bouncing the bar off the floor will make it more likely that you will jar yourself out of position, potentially leading to an injury.

Unfortunately, deadlifting is also one of the exercises that leads to a lot of injury.