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Acceptable slump for self consolidating grout

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Is it required or outlined in any code as to when slump tests should be performed when Super P plasticizer is used?The concrete had all tests run before adding the Super P, air tested ok, slump was routinely low.

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Combined with our innovative business services, they enhance performance and help everyone have confidence in the things they buy and use.These results were documented, the Super P was added, and no additional testing was performed before it was poured. We're going under the assumption that the addtion of the Super P would pretty much invalidate any slump test anyways, but we're looking for some evidence or section of code that confirms or refutes this process of running no further tests after the plasticizer is added (break tests were all coming back good).This is pretty much a CYA scenario in case of a QA audit or something like that. The contractor was allowed to add a super plasticizer at the job site?Find out more about ASTM NEW VIDEO: Connecting the Dots Over 12,000 ASTM standards operate globally.Defined and set by us, they improve the lives of millions every day.We've been having consistent batch plant issues, and the plasticizer is being used in order to get suitable pumpability.

It has been an ongoing issue, and they've fiddled with aggregate sizes, etc without success, but have had no issues to date when the plasticizer is used.

Hardened properties include 7 and 28 day compressive and tensile strengths, hardened density testing, and compressive stress-strain behaviour at 28 days.

In this study optimum crumb rubber aggregates replacement percentage in SCC and optimum crumb rubber aggregates size in SCC have been presented and also optimal mix design of SCRC will be assessed to optimise fresh and hardened properties.

was added on site because of the very long travel time.

Just follow the rules for mixing time & speeds of drum rotation. Also, take plasticized property tests and cylinders after the addition, as this is the field control.

The replacement of natural aggregates in SCC with those of rubber aggregates from waste tyre develops into what is referred to as self-compacting rubberised concrete (SCRC).