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Abu later formed different groups on chat apps, for which he was using multiple handsets." Cops said that at first, the group would post videos and messages on Facebook, describing how Muslims have it bad in India and how true Muslims must avenge these atrocities through Jihad.As many as 15 youngsters are suspected to have been recruited and radicalised through these chat groups.Sources said, "Abu had added three people with his reference. Any member who acted suspiciously or was inactive would immediately be removed.Abu was part of an IS module that was planning an attack in India, but was busted before they could raise the money for it.Abu Zaid is part of an IS module that was uncovered by the ATS of the Uttar Pradesh police in April.If you have a club you want to advertise, or if you hold parties and want us to publicise them for you then please feel free to get in touch with us, you will find our email details on the contact us page.

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mid-day had reported that at the time, the cops had arrested four suspected operatives during a nationwide operation, including Mumbra store owner Umar Nazim, who had radicalised 12 youths.

It was after this that Abu came on the radar of the police, who quickly realised that he was the biggest catch of all.

It was on his fifth trip on Sunday that the police ambushed him at Mumbai airport.