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The first concert was held in the recently-opened Centennial Theatre, and featured Renaissance madrigals from the choir, along with an assorted programme of solo songs, piano works, a piece for recorder with 2 violins, and a couple of trombone solos. No recording survives to tell us how this modest group handled one of the grandest choral works in the repertoire. – a slightly enlarged group reprised Part I of (the Christmas part), accompanied by the Strings of the Sherbrooke Symphony Orchestra.The choir would share programmes with soloists and instrumentalists for several seasons, until a core of singers had been created that allowed them to perform their first major work in November 1970: the ”, with settings of this text by several composers, including the celebrated version by Antonio Vivaldi, which will be performed again by the choir this year. This is the first recorded collaboration of a Bishop’s choir with the OSS. The numbers in the group swelled to over 50, and a few students’ names start to appear, as does that of Bishop’s Principal, Christopher Nicholl.

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The ambitious students wanted to get more out of their choir experience and so the chamber choir met for a separate afternoon rehearsal, joining the “community” group for the usual weekly evening gathering.Each spring show came with a theme – “Winds of Change”, “Colour and Light”, “Keeping Time” – and the carefully selected programme turned into a seamless evening’s entertainment.Choir members memorized their music, and shifted around the stage to present the backdrop for the many talented soloists – and dancers!1991 saw the Mozart bi-centennial and a flurry of choral works by this master, but the most exciting event of the decade was the premiere of Andrew Mac Donald’s Anniversary of Bishop’s University, and performed under the threat of a major flood in April of 1994.With the lyrics taken from poets associated with Bishop’s through its history, the performance featured almost the entire student body of the Music Department.Created by Howard Brown, who had just arrived from Mount Allison University to found the Music Department at Bishop’s, the “Elizabethan Singers” didn’t include any students.

Instead there were 17 community and university members, brought together by Professor Brown to make music on a campus where there had never been a choir who performed the classical repertoire. That November, Handel’s made its inevitable debut, this time at St. The University Singers made their official debut in November 1972, with an exceptionally ambitious performance of the Brahms , accompanied by organ, performed again at BCS.

In addition, the Estrie Young Singers children’s’ choir (also directed by Nancy Rahn) contributed to some of the programmes.

When the Music Department moved into the newly-renovated Bandeen Hall in the winter term of 1992, the feeling that the Singers had their own home and should be more closely linked to Department, and less tied to the community, grew stronger.

The choir grew to fill all the available space on stage.

Jamie welcomed not only music students but any other students with a will to sing, along with the community members.

The Bishop’s University Singers are a large mixed-voice chorus.