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Among international tourists, London is the most-visited city in the world.The name "London" used to refer only to the once-walled "Square Mile" of the original Roman (and later medieval) city (confusingly called the "City of London" or just "The City").

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The wider area South of the Thames, including Bankside (Tate Modern and the Globe Theatre) and up to Borough, was historically the location of the activities frowned on by the Puritans who exiled theatre, cock-fighting and bear fights from the original walled City of London to the south of the river.Today London is easily the largest city in the United Kingdom, eight times larger than the second largest, Birmingham, and ten times larger than the third, Glasgow, and dominates the economic, political and social life of the nation.It is full of excellent bars, galleries, museums, parks and theatres.To the North East lies the gateway to the affluent Epping Forest area.West Taking in much of the ancient English county of Middlesex (which many local residents still identify with rather than "London") and former parts of Buckinghamshire.The Mayor of London is elected by London residents and should not be confused with the Lord Mayor of the City of London.

The names of several boroughs, such as Westminster or Camden, are well-known, others less so, such as Wandsworth or Lewisham.

Westminster A city in its own right, the seat of government and an almost endless list of historical and cultural sights, such as Buckingham Palace, The Palace of Westminster (Houses of Parliament) and Westminster Abbey.

East End A traditional working class heartland of inner London to the east of The City, made famous by countless movies and TV shows, and home to trendy bars, art galleries and parks, especially in the Shoreditch, Hoxton, and Old Street area.

Heathrow Airport is located in this part of the city.

Settlement has existed on the site of London since well before Roman times, with evidence of Bronze Age and Celtic settlement.

Though densely populated, London retains large swathes of green parkland and open space, even within the city centre.