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In March 2001, a writer for the South Bend Tribune reported on his encounter with not one, but two “Please help my baby!Flim flammer #1 approached him on the street, saying she needed a few dollars to buy formula and diapers for her baby.A woman walks up to you and says “I’ve locked my keys and purse in my car” or “I’ve locked myself out of my house.I get it by the medicine jar and I just pour it into this little one.I think men are biologically hardwired to chase, and if you don't allow them to do that, subconsciously, they feel like there's something not right about the relationship.While fraud is sorry repayment for a kind heart and generous nature, the only way to entirely safeguard yourself against falling victim to “stranger in distress” scams is to refuse to help those unknown to you who appear to be in dire straits.

Such a course of (non)action will appeal to some but will be heartily eschewed by others who will view the occasional lost on a con artist as but the cost of maintaining a positive view of their fellow man.

“That’s just a simple mind trick and will have no affect on me.

helpless ....powerless..." His knees were starting to buckle.

“I usually call any business and tell them” a relative’s car “broke down and needs help, and usually people give me money, thinking it’s for real.” He’d been taken into custody when he arrived to pick up the he’d persuaded a filling station owner to give him to get his pregnant niece’s car towed.

The money he made on this con he used to fund his drug habit.

Only after she’d gone did he realize that there was no in his complex.