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After Butterfinger was identified as containing GMO corn in 1999, German consumers stopped purchasing the product.

Pop Rocks are made by exposing a syrup mixture to high-pressure carbon dioxide gas and allowing it to cool.They sold the company to Beatrice Foods in 1966, and in 1996, the company was bought by Hershey. The filling of the 3 Musketeers bar is called nougat, which is made by whipping egg whites and adding sugar.It’s called 3 Musketeers because from 1932 to 1945, each package contained three different-flavored pieces: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. Whether they're chocolate-covered or candy-coated, packaged sweets are nothing less than an obsession for people all over the world.The top candy brands are well known by just about everyone, but every popular candy has some secrets it’s hiding or skeletons in its closet.Red M&Ms were eliminated between the years of 19; orange M&Ms were introduced to replace them. Red M&Ms didn’t even contain any of the dye; they were phased out just to satisfy worried customers.

A student at the University of Tennessee named Paul Hethmon started a campaign to bring them back as a joke, but it became a worldwide phenomenon, and the color was brought back.

They first appeared in the 1950s from the candy producer Malaco, and are called “pastellfiskar” or “pastel fish,” in Sweden.

When Sour Patch Kids were first invented in the 1970s by Frank Galatolie, they were named Sour Group Kids.

Twizzlers are actually one of the oldest confectionaries in the United States; they were first produced all the way back in 1845 by Young & Smylie, which is today a subsidiary of Hershey.

The original flavor was (of course) licorice; strawberry didn’t come along until the 1970s.

The culinary term “kit-kat” dates back to the 1700s; it was originally the name given to mutton pies served at London’s Kit-Cat political club.