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In the previous v17.2 we had a slight issue due to packaging certain binary add-ons like PVR, visualisation and Inputstream.

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If you are curious you can read up on all the v17 changes here: Kodi v17.3: A minor bug fix and security release Sorry for this quick bump to v17.3 however we deemed it necessary.Fixes done in this release: Fixed missing binary add-ons on release time Fixed crash on older distros like Ubuntu 14.04 with GCC 4.8 compiler From previous v17.2 release: Fix selection after channelgroup switching in PVR guide window Fix handling of gaps that caused eradic behaviour in EPG grid Allow backing out of fullscreen pictures by mapping longpress guesture Quick fix for wake up command not being called in PVR power management Use alternative method to check if platform updates have been installed on Windows Set the minimum version in the code which is currently OSX 10.8 Fix possible security flaw which could abused files which try to traverse to a parent directory Use the correct ttc font from the video file for subtitles on Windows Detect and delete zero-byte database files which causes crashes Security You may have read in the news that malicious subtitle zip files could potentionally infect and harm your media player including Kodi.When Check Point researchers uncovered this flaw they contacted us up front to let us know about this flaw.Additionally on the older distros like Ubuntu 14.04 in combination with the available GCC 4.8 compiler an issue surfaced which we had to fix as well.This v17.3 release fixed both these issues and should be completely working again including the missing add-ons.We recommend every one to upgrade to this version once it's available for their platform to have the best experience possible.

If you want to know what has changed you can browse the list below.

Now the time has come to do another where we tackled several more issues that were identified.

To give these fixes a proper test run before we call it final we first want to make this release candidate available for the wider audience who might be facing some of these issues we have fixed. Fixes done in this release: Potentially fix crashing on Windows due to an issue in Python Potentially fix crashing on Windows when enabling zeroconf Fix sporadic crash on Windows when installing or updating add-ons Fix issue for users with reverse proxies attempting to forward websockets.

It has also been one of the series where we did things a bit different with continues nightly versions for testing and quite a lot point releases with only minor fixes just because we could.

We are certainly excited about our upcoming v18 on which we will start reporting at regular basis quite soon but until that time here's the v17.6 "Krypton" version for daily use.

Fix possible issue if Linux distro uses system ffmpeg and cause black screen with 10-bit H.265 Properly throttle scraping music information online to prevent overloading the provider Fix native keyboard on i OS 11 Fix potential crash on Android O loading App icons Fix non showing Kodi banner on Android O Fix potential crash on Android with certain keymaps Fix wrong detection of VP6 and VP8 videocodec on Android Update FFmpeg to 3.1.9 Set hard requirement to use FFmpeg 3.1.x only Fix for Hangup when viewing recording and pressing next/previous Fix merged scraped album type and label correctly with that derived from tags from music files Fix possible crash on Linux when using ALSA Save skin settings immediatly after they have changed instead of only on shutdown What else is new?