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I have just started my Latest Work At Home News blog and would really appreciate you coming by - thanks again Great blog! Your blog talks about data entry work at home and and is very informative. He picked a wonderful restaurant, and we made it a two-and-a-half hour event.He told me about the novel he wrote, and the book of short stories he's hoping to produce in his spare time this summer, and I asked him what he could possibly be doing at a law firm.I think it would be interesting to explore the topic with your associate more, from an angle of possibility rather than fear.Yes, he's clearly leaving some things behind or relegating them to second best but he might be moving toward other things, of which you're not aware. And I've been running on the fear, while bearing the regret, for a decade and a half.They don't have tremendous passions or productive activities they find fulfilling -- they like good food, good wine, exotic travel, nice things -- so the job that's going to make them happiest is the one that pays well, and they're smart, and this isn't the worst life imaginable, so they make the work-long-hours tradeoff, pretty easily, and they do this for a living. There's nothing else really pulling at them -- maybe family, eventually, but they recognize they have to earn a living somehow, and this is easier and more lucrative than construction, so here they are. Your blog is a fascinating window into an alien world.

AL, do you think from the second comment posted that the experience is all that different for the small town practitioner or County DA?

That concerns me - surely such a thing is not possible. Law, as I see it, offers the opportunity to have some financial stability plus intellectual challenge.

It's similar to the intellectual challenge that makes me love creative writing and software design, and what it lacks in conventional creativity, it makes up for with presenting the possibility of channeling it for a good cause (at least with some pro bono work).

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We have already had are 2001 Ford repossessed from the bank, and are now down to a 83 buick that is rusted from front to back and the heater don't work, and tire tax is due in November. Does your PC crash, is your system running slow or are you receiving regular error messages?