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It was a great learning experience and success for everyone that took part. The training videos taken during the ‘Guiding as a Business’ Project are available to all members of the association within the ‘Members Only’ area of our website!

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Magnificent gorges and trekking trails, connecting Shida Kartli to the Samtskhe-Javakheti region, are some of the best in Georgia.What to see and do in Shida Kartli The original fortress, constructed on a hilltop was named Gori (meaning hill in Georgian) and was mentioned in Georgian annals as early as the 7th century.Some historians believe that the fortress was built by Byzantine Caesar Heraclius to store ammunition when he fought against Persians.Monthly Seminars – July 2016 What makes Georgia so special? –Most commonly the answers are wine, cuisine, cultural heritage, traditions and landscape. An incredible part of Georgia’s Landscape are its caves. Due to our summer vacation in August, our next monthly seminar will be held on September 14 GAB – Guiding As a Business 10 Member Guides of the Georgian Association of Guides took part and successfully completed the Peace Corps USAID funded Small Assistance Project Grant ‘Guiding as a Business’ on July 12, 2016.The study of caves in Georgia, scientifically known as Speleology, was topic of our monthly seminars in July! This project was a 4 week long intensive training program that focused on improving the business planning, project management, and marketing skills of the 10 trainees.The continental climate in Shida Kartli region is very distinct from the rest of Western Georgia, however, the mountain peaks are covered with snow all year around.

Culture Shida Kartli region offers a diverse range of cultural sights including Uplistsikhe cave town, a variety of archaeological sites and a lot of churches, monasteries, fortresses, and a Cathedral.

Spreading out across both sides of the Mtkvari valley.

Shida Kartli lies at the foothills of Greater Caucasus and the forested Trialeti Range, offering visitors a diverse range of cultural, educational, and archaeological tours, including walking tours to one of the main tourist attractions of the region.

There are many unique exhibits displayed there, including Stalin’s personal belongings and collections of paintings, photos, films, and other important historical works and items.

The Ateni Sioni domed church is an early 7th century monument.

Of course, it is almost impossible to imagine a seminar about wine without wine-tasting!