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With every ounce of energy she could muster, the hysterical mother carried Okkhoy's limp body to the side of the main road. A despicable practice For most Westerners, the issue of forced begging was thrust into the spotlight in the 2008 Oscar-winning movie "Slumdog Millionaire," in which a child in Mumbai, India, is intentionally blinded so he could bring in more money in alms.

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Because what followed was even worse -- an act that authorities dubbed "pure evil." "This little child who has his whole future ahead of him, they all but killed him," says Mohammed Sohail, a commander with Bangladesh's elite anti-crime unit, the Rapid Action Battalion. Dead." The attackers left Okkhoy by the side of a warehouse, intending to come back later and dump him in the river.Wanna know what they tell them to make cuties agree and open their mouths and bend over for the dicks? They have nothing to conceal cause all they care about is their dicks and sexual satisfaction!If you are curious about what your neighbors do every morning and every evening, what they eat and when they have sex, then Cash For Sex was made with you in mind!For his safety, CNN has chosen to withhold the boy's real name. "As long as I'm here, the devil cannot get to you again." The attack took place in late 2010, just a few days before the Muslim festival of Eid.For his resiliency, we will call him "Okkhoy" -- the Bengali word for "unbreakable." 'Pure evil' It is now almost two years later. Three area kids lured Okkhoy out of his home with the promise of a popsicle.When you are in your early twenties maximum all you can dream about and crave for is hardcore fuck.

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Almost half of Bangladesh's 150 million people live on less than a dollar a day. And each new day brings a fresh batch of sun-caked boys and girls who tap on car windows to draw attention to their disfigurement -- a desperate way to survive. Begging is banned in the country -- at least in its penal code.

And a three-year prison term awaits anyone caught forcing someone to beg.

And when a high-ranking police official sold orphaned children from his home, she secured his conviction.

"I saw the father standing there helplessly before the judge, and I kept thinking that there's a child who has been broken beyond repair," she recalls.

It's not the most effective way to transport a dying child through the cramped, congested streets of the Bangladeshi capital.