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With the i Pad Pro, your more powerful (and more expensive) alternative is a member of Apple’s line of laptops—though, as the company’s own “What’s a Computer?

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Meanwhile, i OS and Android-based pro tablets are much less likely than a Windows device to get hacked, but the operating systems limit both the kind of apps you can install and what they can do—although at least Apple has finally added a file manager in i OS 11.And if you’re doing serious media viewing, you’ll likely use headphones or separate speakers instead of a pro tablet’s own speakers.Finally, it’s important to keep in mind the alternatives for each pro tablet.Compared with general-use tablets, pro tablets also often feature upgraded screens and audio systems, but unless you’re feeling spendy, we can’t justify buying a pro tablet just for a better movie-watching experience.The screens on the current 10.5- and 12.9-inch i Pad Pro versions—which build on the 9.7-inch i Pad Pro screen that Display Mate said had the lowest reflectivity in the industry—are great but can still suffer from glare.My everyday tablet is an i Pad mini 4 with 64 GB of storage, but the mobile device I carry most often is a Google Pixel Android phone.

I should also note that most of my portable productivity happens on a really old Mac Book Air.

Good tablets are reasonably priced—you can get a new i Pad with 128 GB of storage for $430—so why would you want to pay something closer to the price of a laptop for a souped-up tablet?

Most people won’t, but there are reasons you might.

Here’s the scenario – you’re sitting in the bleachers at your daughter’s basketball game. If you’ve set a time limit, you will see a warning (and hear a sound, if you set one) about 30 seconds before time’s up. As instructed, the Home button, then enter the passcode you set up for Guided Access.

Her younger sister is sitting next to you and says “Mommy, I’m bored. ” You hand over your i Phone and the little one starts happily playing Angry Birds. Next thing you know, she’s closed out of Angry Birds, scrolling through your camera roll, and all your apps are rearranged. Did you know there is a feature on your i Phone that lets you prevent this scenario from happening? You can choose to end the session any time before the time is up, by triple-clicking the home button.

It can be used as a temporary parental control tool. You could use the same passcode you’ve used if you set restrictions, to keep things simple. For example you could disable just the menu options if you don’t want your child to navigate or save anything within an app. For example, if you let junior watch You Tube for 5 minutes, and then time is up so you open Angry Birds, you may not have the option to set a different time limit.