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Best iphone cam2cam

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The phone had to be slightly offset from being centered in the clamp, to avoid the clamp taking up the shot.You may notice a black object in the top-right corner of the videos.

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That might not bother you, but I tend to sing along with the radio, poorly, and that’s not what I want people to remember if they find me dead in a car wreck. It provides all the basic information that might help you to fight a frivolous insurance claim or a traffic ticket.When you play the video in the app, the date, time and your speed are overlaid on the video to help confirm when you were there and how fast you were going.There were only a few issues I found with Cam On Road. Whether you want an extra set of eyes in the case of an accident, or you’re just curious about your own driving habits, there’s no doubt that having a dash cam can help you.If you’re not sure you need a dash cam at all, watch the following video.Cam On Road is a solid app for use as an Android-based dash cam.

The interface is very simple and intuitive, and setup is a breeze.

The heat level wasn’t high enough to affect my phone, but if your phone model has a record of overheating, you might choose not to do this.

I believe that in the summer when I have the AC on, the heat would not be an issue at all.

All three of these apps use a ton of power for video recording, so I advise that you do the same thing.

Also be prepared for the fact that your phone may heat up a fair bit.

Not the best fix, but a suitable workaround for the test.