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Best iphone cam2cam

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I believe this contributed to the vibration of the whole rig.

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The holder is excellent for its price, but not recommended for recording video.The final issue was that it recorded sound whether I turned that option on or off. If you just want a straightforward app to test out if this dash cam thing could be for you.That might not bother you, but I tend to sing along with the radio, poorly, and that’s not what I want people to remember if they find me dead in a car wreck. It provides all the basic information that might help you to fight a frivolous insurance claim or a traffic ticket.Cam On Road is a solid app for use as an Android-based dash cam.The interface is very simple and intuitive, and setup is a breeze.It’s a news story about how prevalent dash cams are in Russia due to insurance fraud and police corruption.

It might just convince you that having a dash cam is a good idea where you live too.

Since my commute is so long, I did cover a variety of road surfaces as well – brand new roads, pot-holed asphalt, even roads that might be classified as dirt. As long as the mount was rigid, the video quality was appropriate for the type of road traversed.

Parts of the commute go through rural and urban areas, so I was able to assess how the dash cam apps performed in these environments as well.

The heat level wasn’t high enough to affect my phone, but if your phone model has a record of overheating, you might choose not to do this.

I believe that in the summer when I have the AC on, the heat would not be an issue at all.

The phone had to be slightly offset from being centered in the clamp, to avoid the clamp taking up the shot.