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Blind dating etiquette

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Many of the happy couples we know weren't overly enthusiastic about their first date together, but found that things improved markedly the next time they went out.On the second date, people are usually more at ease and the conversation is less forced.

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Sometime between the second and fifth date, the man and woman should sense that conversation becomes easier, they enjoy being with the other person, and their date "looks" better in terms of physical attraction as well as emotional attraction.Many people also find that even though they didn't feel an instant connection on the first date, this started to change in subsequent meetings.That's because developing a good courtship is a process.Try engaging in "airplane talk" -- casual conversation about each other's backgrounds, hobbies, interests and careers (don't dwell on any one subject for too long), Jewish geography, and other topics that tell something about each other -- but don't reveal information that should be reserved for someone you know well.We also suggest going forward with a second date, even if your first meeting was only lukewarm (but not if it was a horrible or unpleasant experience).They go to a place with some visual or auditory atmosphere, like a botanical garden, hotel lounge, art gallery, promenade or other pleasant place to walk, or even an informal, open-air concert.

This gives them an opportunity to talk, and provides something to look at and even refer to during those awkward silences we all experience.

Of course, a man should let a woman know these plans in advance, so she doesn't skip dinner in expectation of a large meal!

It's a sad fact that so many men and women have become jaded by unpleasant blind dates, so now they either go on these dates with a defeatist attitude, or have expectations that are impossibly high to meet.

Most happily married couples never experienced the instant "connection" we are conditioned to expect on a first date.

Instead, they started out simply thinking the other was just "okay," and as they gradually got to know each other, it developed an emotionally intimate, close relationship.

Trying not to talk with your mouth full, and praying that you don't spill something or get lettuce stuck between your teeth, is not the most conducive atmosphere for conversation.