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Buddhist dating message board

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I live in Pikeville, Tenn, again, have a blessed day. I would like to make friends and see what happens next.

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Like many manuscript scrolls like this, it might have been used in a temple.It's a Chinese Buddhist document dating from 868AD; it was when China was the centre of the world.'Sutra' is an ancient Indian word meaning a sort of classical text, and it was later taken up by the Buddhists when Buddhism came into India after the birth of the Sakyamuni, the Historical Buddha.I take my medication and work a good job and raise my 16 year old all by myself. I have a 22 year old but he is gone half of the time I am 48 years old. So it was very much an object for use rather than an object that just sat somewhere.

Now before printing came in, of course, the only way was to get a scribe to copy by hand an ancient manuscript and so it was difficult, and very expensive, for the scribes and good paper were expensive, and perhaps you could only have one text copied or two copies made of a particular text, so you could only send out a certain amount of merit into the world.

It creates a wonderful sense of awareness and happiness. I’ll be having get-togethers at my house each week.

or play in your default media player (MP3, 8min 55sec, 3.6MB) More audio More about the Diamond Sutra The Diamond Sutra is a fantastic artefact.

Now, the Diamond Sutra is just one of many thousands of sutra.

The Buddhist canon is an enormous multi-volume work.

Because what distinguishes you as an individual is your karmic debt: the bad deeds and the good deeds you've done in the past world.