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Madyson's dog Maisy, pictured, was the only survivor The list of reasons why the Jamisons could have been killed is dizzying.Was the tragedy linked to witchcraft, white supremacists, a drug deal gone wrong, a relative with a grudge with ties to the Mexican mafia, or did they stumble across a meth lab and pay the ultimate price?

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Who that was, I just don’t know.'The way their truck was left, it looks like it had been forced to stop by someone.Sherilyn said the spirits of a long-dead family lived with them and that their daughter Madyson spoke with the youngest apparition.At one point, Bobby asked his pastor - who has since left the area and spoken to no one involved in the case - whether he could obtain 'special bullets' to shoot the spirits.Police found no evidence during searches of their property Slurs: Connie said: 'They were not taking meth, there is no way.They were good parents and they would not have been capable of that if they were on meth''In the picture Madyson is looking away from the camera, she looks unhappy and she has her arms crossed...They didn’t speak to each other as they made dozens of trips to and from the house to pack up their truck.

Connie said: 'They were not taking meth, there is no way.

Niki claims that Sherilyn had written over the messages with phrases like ‘God Love You’ and ‘Peace’.

The couple were caught on a security camera outside their house on the day they left in a ‘trance-like state’.

It’s so isolated; I’m scared to go up there.’ Torment: Bobby's mother Starlet Jamison (left) and Sherilyn's mom Connie Kokotan look at the urns after a memorial service for the family last Saturday.

Laying them to rest offered them a scrap of comfort - but both mothers believe their children and grandchild were murdered United: Connie, left, told Mail Online: 'What I truly believe is that they went up there, saw something they shouldn’t and were murdered by someone.

Everyone round here knows there are lots of evil people up in those mountains.