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Believing the man to be guilty, when Tina finally gets her chance to take revenge five years after her mother’s death, she jumps at the chance.But when she is caught in the act, a chain of events occur that reveal secrets about Tina and her mother’s past—and why they really left the Congo. Only I never expected to is 401 pages long and I flew through it in two days. Though the author is not a person of color nor a refugee, her experience working in Kenya provided a realistic description of what life is really like for not only refugees, but with the country’s inhabitants as a whole.

However, it was Snake that kind of killed my enjoyment of this book, in some regards.I suddenly became overwhelmed with all the books I had on my TBR at home. I have a whole spoiler-free review of up on my blog.So, I decided to take a break to check out books from my local library, which I had not visited in months. The book is set in the Bible Belt of Tennessee, where Dill Early, the quiet son of a disgraced Pentecostal minister, and his best friends Lydia and Travis are approaching their senior year of high school. The writing was beautiful and I found the realistic approach to the Bible Belt to be refreshing—the South has a tendency to be overly idealized in the media. However, the plot did not really start to get interesting until the end of the middle section and I strongly disliked Lydia. She is primarily the reason I did not give by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.In the few months after that I was jobless or working retail less than 20 hours a week, I went a little crazy checking out books from the library, especially since mine has an interlibrary loan program.But it was fine because I was using the resources provided by a worthwhile institution.So they fully understand what is happening in the outside world. Not to mention, this project is going to last only two weeks. But even if I score another job or the library I previously worked at hires me for another project, my financial situation, as well as the current state of my TBR pile, has caught my full attention.

Tina is the kind of badass protagonist that I think would earn the respect of Aelin from the series by Sarah J. While saving money is important, the main reason I decided to put myself on a book-buying ban is because my TBR pile has become too overwhelming. through an emmmabooks video during the summer.

It’s about Reggie, a girl struggling with depression, who meets Snake, a boy her age also suffering from depression and expecting a baby with one of Reggie’s classmates.

While I appreciate him for taking responsibility of Carla and the baby, that was the only thing I liked about him.

Personally, arrogance turns me off and, if I was in Reggie’s position, I would have kneed him in the balls for some of the things he did, or for coming on too strong.

But they are not the kind of elements typically present in a young adult novel. But she is flawed, which makes me appreciate her even more. He provides a solid foundation for her when she thinks she can’t trust anyone. The pay is OK and the hours are the same as I worked at my previous job, but suddenly my financial situation has drastically changed.