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Here is the finished blanket: And don’t forget, I’m using US crochet terms! With my DK weight yarn and my H/8/5mm, I chained 194 total to make my throw about 50″/127cm wide, but you make yours however long you want to!

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This is a row of dc, but the tricky part is getting the right number of stitches. Here’s a picture of my completed border: It’s a pretty simple (but sturdy) sc border with a cute picot edging.With new color, ch1; sc in same st: Skip 3 sts, 7 dc in next st: Skip 3 sts, sc in next st. Continue this shell pattern to end, leaving the last sc unfinished so as to change colors: Remember to keep your stitches loose!With new color, ch 2: In the next 3 sts, make a dc but do not pull the last loop through any of them yet: When you have 4 loops on your hook and it looks like this, yo and draw through.The turning chains count as your first stitch of the row (and will for all rows to come unless otherwise specified). You can work over your tails for rows like this so that you don’t have to sew them in later: I like to crochet over the tail for at least 5 inches before snipping the end of it.At the end of this row, pull your next color through, ch 3, and turn. Then: Don’t leave your ends unwoven til the very end, or you’ll never want to do them! With new color, dc in each st across With new color, hdc in each st across This will be the Catharine wheel pattern.One wrong move and you will feel the wrath of Instagram gods. We’ve come up with these recipes to guide you through the trial of becoming a master of your own Instagram fate. As a matter of fact, I would suggest that you refrain yourself from using these services.

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Yo and draw through to finish the st (making a “clutster” of 7). With same color, ch3 and dc 3 in first stitch; sc in the sc below: In the center space of the next “wheel,” dc 7. Continue this shell pattern until end: In the last st, there is only half of a shell to be made, so dc 4 and prepare to change back to the same color as our first row of the Catharine wheels: Don’t forget, loose stitches! Be conscious of your right and wrong sides as you continue. The way I chose the order of the stitch patterns was pretty random for the bobble rows.

Ch 1, sc 1 in same st: Ch3, make the same “cluster” of 7 dcs as in row 9, ch 3, sc in top of shell. Fasten off (if you are done with your blanket) and weave in your ends! I tried to evenly space the bobble rows from each other, hoping that evenly spaced big bands of color would tie the whole thing together nicely. If you would like to follow a specific pattern, I’d recommend going back, working row 8, and continuing from there. That should keep the bobble rows evenly spaced and will also keep your right and wrong sides correct.

We’ll call this a “cluster” of 4: Ch 3, sc in top/middle stitch of the bottom shell.