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Also, I’m frankly scared sh*tless of getting the pouch surgery and reverting to a life dominated by my bowel’s demands![Reply]Michael, Any suggestions to help the butt burn. I have an average of 8 bowel movements daily and have tried Vaseline, Calmospetine and Desitin.I put something on my bottom every time I go to the bathroom. There are days I had rather not eat because of having to go to the bathroom.a significant improvement on the 20-25 I was having pre-surgery).And importantly for me, once your body has fully adapted to the pouch, how long can you hold a bowel movement in for with the pouch?I asked my IBD nurse and she suggested mesalazine suppositories, but given how little these helped me with the UC pre-colectomy (hence the colectomy…), I am worried that this irritating problem is going to persist – does anyone have any experience with this that could shed some light here/ reassure me?!

Secondly, I got the colectomy with the understanding that it would be the first step of a 3-step pouch formation, but am starting to wonder if I even want the pouch surgery at all.

I’m 3 weeks post-colectomy for UC, and am hoping anyone who’s had a colectomy (as part of a 3 step jpouch op — i still have a rectum currently), and anyone with the jpouch in general could help me out with a couple of concerns?

Firstly, I’m finding that the UC inflammation and ulcerations still left in my rectum are giving me the frequent feeling of an urge to have a bowel movement, which I AM able to ignore pretty much all the time, and when I do pass anything it’s just mucus and occasionally blood.

Even while I had the ostomy, I was still having leakage and bleeding from my rectum.

After the takedown, I was worried about colitis affecting the part of my rectum that was left.

I think if I can get the butt burn under control I will feel better.