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Chat with aunties as mesage

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Whether you are buying gifts, jewellery or some of our accessories, the service we provide is friendly and relaxed.Wow - how to insult dancers still competing and this year's WQ's in the older groups!

(NT) -- Still medals at majors., 02/03/18 Sat With additional years of training, "mediocre" dancers become top placers. , 02/04/18 Sun It's not more training, it's their top WQ competition are gone living their lives in college away from the insanity. Not much worse than a 25 yo in a sparkly solo., 02/05/18 Mon To answer last question; yes, most athletes in dance retire or change "[email protected] as they mature. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] We are from Ohio where it's fairly flat and low altitude.My dancers was injured for the last three years of dancing, and finally just couldn't do it anymore. Time to enjoy life's opportunities and stop wssting $10000 to dance for 20 minutes in a combined group. , 02/06/18 Tue kudos to those still able to train at that level while finishing up college or working in their career path, there are very few left in u22, and u21, but some do return once get out of college and start their next chapter, congrats for making it work, my daughter misses it, but college demands took over (NT) -- pm, 02/03/18 Sat My DD is a college age OC and still dancing.-- pretty common..., 02/04/18 Sun The last pount is the why. Her age group, starting in U16 has dwindled each year.Maybe they have just moved on or have other other athletics or IB curricula.To assume they are less committed us bs, they've won their medals and moved on. Annadi tarwata na 2 hands tana sallani kasiga pisukutu buggalani korktna tanu inka mulugtndi.

Lip kis ichanu na hand tana pooku paina nimiranu mmm…aaa…

Junior and senior high school years are tough and demanding.

More than one of her friends couldn't do both, or wanted to pursue other interests in college.

One Oireachtas champ was sitting a ban this fall, but she will be back.

I would like to add that the WR Feis should do a better job of separating U21 dancers and Over 22 dancers.

They can easily beat top dancers given more training and confidence. Traveled to Colorado Springs and feised the next day.