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Chatting with sexy aunty online

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He always impressed me as being a rather sly and devious person, someone I could never quite trust.I guess that he and Penny had once been really in love and had had an active sex life.

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Her tits were not quite up to Mom's dimensions, but they were damned close.It would not have surprised me if Penny had taken a lover, because when she wanted something, she was inclined to go after it, no matter what--and she sure as hell would have had no trouble finding a willing man...But as far as I knew, she had not become quite that desperate yet.We had fucked almost every day, usually several times; we had sucked and licked and expressed our love in many other ways. Even when my father was in the house, if we were in a room by ourselves, we would kiss and fondle obscenely. Sometimes she would even leave him sleeping in their bed and slip into mine for a late-night fuck, even though we almost always enjoyed an early morning screw right after he left for work.This most delightful summer of my life was slipping away rapidly, and I was already in football practice, where somehow I seemed to be inspired by my tremendous luck and happiness and was playing better than ever before.I could have asked Mom whether Penny knew about us, but I didn't feel quite right doing that.

I mentioned in the previous story that I ranked Aunt Penny second only to my gorgeous Mom among desirable women.

On top she was wearing a skimpy halter that looked like an ad in a sexy lingerie catalog for a padded push-up bra to make every girl look like Sophia Loren.

However, the difference was that the only padding in that halter was just pure Aunt Penny, filling it full and overflowing, the nipples poking the thin fabric out excitingly.

Aunt Penny seemed to ignore my bug-eyed stare, acting as if she didn't even notice it.

I knew better and could tell that her casual behavior was a pretense.

She had brown hair with a sort of coppery cast to it, deep brown eyes like Mom's, a roundish face with a beautiful clear complexion, and rather pouty full lips. She had a vibrant personality and was somewhat more outgoing and more outspoken than Mom.