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Couple chatting online

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The pair used excuses like being in class and having a busy week for waiting months to respond to one another In January 2015, another two months after Arendas's response, Avsec quipped: 'Sorry, was in the shower.'Later that year, Arendas waited until December to respond to Avsec's May message.'Hi, I really do apologize for just now getting back to you. The next came the following October, then the February after that, until Josh replied on July 7, 2017. Twitter users responded with pleas of 'please get married! 'Arendas told Good Morning America she let the joke carry on for so long out of stubbornness.'I'm stubborn and I wasn't going to be the one to ruin a good joke like that.

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For several minutes, the pair answered questions about themselves on each other on either side of a partition wall Hosts Michael Strahan and Lara Spencer seemed just as excited about the meeting, firing off a series of questions at the love-struck duo. Avsec, who dressed up for the occasion in a shirt, jacket and pants, wasted no time and wrapped his arms around Arendas upon first sight of her.'It is so good to finally meet you Michelle,' he said bashfully, adding: 'I'm blushing like crazy!Avsec, who wore a blue swimsuit for the day out, held snorkeling gear is his hands as he emerged from the water.'We are just now sitting down and getting the opportunity to know each other, so there's probably a lot of learning still left to do,' Arendas told People as she sat by the pool.'It has been great to be able to go through this adventure and have a partner to go through all of this with.' 'All the things I knew about Michelle were through an interview or a phone conversation, and this is the first time we have the chance to just hang out and talk,' Avsec said.Learn more Information about Worlds initiative with Charity and Outreach organizations. Learn more Check out latest advances with the application, rendering engine, avatars and more.Learn more Browse a gallery of premium worlds tailored to clients needs: 1995 to Present.'Their modern love story went viral in July after Josh shared screenshots of their humorous exchange.

It began in September 2014, with Josh making the first move.'Hey Michelle,' Avsec wrote coolly.

Taylor Swift and her new man, British actor Joe Alwyn, have certainly caught some attention this weekend—the new couple had all eyes on them when they were photographed sipping on coffee and chatting on a balcony on Saturday in Nashville, Tenn.

These are some of the first photographs of the twosome to surface since news broke last month that Tay had ditched her single-gal card and picked up a new flame.

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The Kent State University students started speaking on Tinder in 2014 and had been quietly exchanging messages without ever running into each other for three years until Avsec shared their story on Twitter in July After Tinder saw the story online, it offered the pair 24 hours to decide a location to have a first date, paid for by the dating app.