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The registerable Wyoming statutes are listed in Wyoming Statutes 7-19-302(g), (h) and (j).If the conviction was not listed in those statutes, a legal review will need to be conducted after the offender registers.

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Frequency of verification is determined by the registration category as set out in Wyoming Statutes 7-19-302(g), (h), and (j).

The sheriff’s office in the county where the offender is register will notify the offender of the frequency.

If sending email please send as much information as you can provide including name, date of birth or age, address where the offender may be located, what the crime was, and where and when the offender was convicted.

Per the Wyoming Sex Offender Registration Act statute 7-19-307(c), sex offenders who do not comply with registration requirements can be convicted of “failure to register”, which is a felony on the first offense, and is punishable by a fine of up to $1,000 and incarcerated up to 5 years, or both The amount of information provided to the public on the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry public website it controlled by statute.

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