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It was here that Lange met with his manager for next ten years, Peter Principato. Lange did a voiceover for Foot Locker, and as a result of which he became a member of AFTRA.

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Lange’s cocaine addiction reached its height and one day he tried to commit suicide after he ran out of cocaine.However, Artie is a big supporter of gay rights and constantly admits that it has helped him to remain motivated in his career.The famous comedian has a net worth of ten million dollars and an exceptional set of assets.In 1990, Lange’s father died because of the infection.Lange’s first ever stand-up was at The Improv in Hell’s Kitchen, Manhattan on 12 July 1987.Besides his production The Beer League, he also did a radio show for Fox Sports Radio alongside comedian Nick Di Paolo.

His writing career is amazing enough as both his books were critically acclaimed.

He wrote two books named Too Fat to Fish (2008) and Crash and Burn (2013).

He hosted a podcast named The Artie Quitter Podcast which ran from 2015 to 2017. It lasted for four years till 2006 after which they got divorced.

Artie Lange is the jack of all trades, but is best known as a comedian and for appearing on The Howard Stern Show and the Mad T. Apart from being a comedian, Lange is also an actor, radio and podcast host and an author. His mother, Judy, was an Italian and his father Arthur Lange Sr. Lange also has a sister, Stacey, who is a fashion designer now. used to work as a general contractor for installation of television antennas and his mother, Judy was a housewife. He had to go to summer school as his grades were very poor.

Lange’s struggle to reach the point is quite an inspiring one. Lange then went on to attend the Seton Hall University in South Orange, New Jersey.

After a while, Lange along with some other people formed an improv troupe named Live On Tape and was quite a hit.