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Dating counseling

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Most importantly, a good counselor will review the truths of Christ’s unconditional love to make sure that each individual understand how it applies to their relationship.

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I entered the church that evening with God’s peace inspiring my steps.Yet, so many people questioned my composure that I began to worry whether something was wrong with me.I suddenly became anxious about not feeling nervous!Learn how you can bring out each team member's strengths and create unity within the organization.On the day I married my wife, Ashley, I must have been asked over 50 times whether I was nervous.What allowed me to feel so calm about making such a big decision?

A major factor was pre-engagement counseling, which I strongly recommend for any single adult who is involved in a serious dating relationship.

Yet, there’s a big difference between pre-engagement counseling and pre-marital counseling. Once an engagement ring sits on a woman’s finger, a dating couple usually loses any remaining objectivity about their relationship.

Instead, the priority of their relationship becomes planning the wedding day.

Preparation is the key element to achieving your relationship goals.

You can stop attracting the wrong type and experience emotionally healthy love.

A counselor can ask the important character questions that couples may have forgotten.