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In an encouraging development, the ranking Democratic member on the Foreign Relations Committee has come out against the deal: The top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee has committed to vote against a U.

Any grand notions of “good guys” and “bad guys” in the war evaporated long ago; the Saudi-led coalition, the Houthis, and pro-government forces have all broken the laws of war and committed violations of humanitarian law with such frequency that one wonders how the United Nations and human rights organizations can keep track.Two years of conflict have wreaked havoc on Yemen’s population and devastated the country’s infrastructure.Both sides refuse to come to the peace table, which, coupled with their use of hunger as a weapon of war, has created the largest humanitarian crisis in the world.With the White House approval of the sale of $510 million in precision munitions, it’s time for Congress to play bad cop. Any interference or unjustified restrictions on the shipping of humanitarian aid into Yemen can no longer be tolerated.By expressing strong opposition to the sale when the Senate votes on Res.42 next week – the bipartisan joint resolution of disapproval that would block the precision munition sale – Congress can give the administration the diplomatic leverage it needs to end the notion that there can be a military solution to the conflict via unconditional complicity in possible war crimes and does nothing to further the peace process. Yemeni political and military leaders, including senior government officials in the Hadi administration, should face the same sanctions as those on the Houthi-Saleh side if they remain intransigent to the special envoy’s peace proposals.Todd Young (R-Ind.) is a key ally on a related effort to set anti-terrorism and Yemen-related conditions on future air-to-ground weapons deals. Murphy, Paul, and Franken should be commended for organizing this effort, and the growing numbers of opponents is a testament both to their leadership on this issue and the ongoing disaster that the U. With a little luck, maybe the Senate can deliver a much-needed rebuke to the president and the Saudis.

Update: The vote has been postponed until next week.

In addition to broader support from the Democratic side, there is a good chance that several Republicans (including co-sponsor Rand Paul) will also oppose the sale: Despite the prospects of a more lopsided Democratic vote to block Trump’s sales, Murphy said he’s also hoping for stronger GOP support.

Three of the four Republicans who backed the effort to block Obama’s Saudi arms deal are still in office, and freshman Sen.

The number of Internet users was 3,597,097 in 2011 up from 110,000 in 2006, and 3,800 in 1991. There has been a huge demand for faster Internet connections in Yemen, and that pushed the two ISPs, Tele Yemen, operators of the service YNET, and Yemen Net, through the state's powerful Ministry of Telecommunications, to introduce ADSL and ISDN connections.

Also, the E-government project that started to give the citizens the ability to access web services and finalize G2C transactions in 2000 increased the number of Internet users dramatically.

No civilian target has been off-limits; Saudi warplanes have bombed schools, hospitals, medical clinics, weddings, funerals, and even refugee camps.