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Dating postcards stamps

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Posted in 1840, the postcard's value lay in its significant age, as well as the fact that it was among the earliest cards printed and mailed. law forbade any writing on the address side of a postcard until the early 20th century.Although assigning value to a postcard isn't always simple, the process itself is fairly easy to follow.If you're hoping to find out how much your card is worth, follow these steps.If you do not have a Bidder ID you will first need to Register.Once you have clicked Continue a window will open displaying your bidding form.Halloween postcards are among the most collectible, with their images of devils, black cats and odd things like cabbages.

They can easily bring more than $150 apiece at auctions.

Material is carefully catalogued and each lot carries our guarantee of authenticity.

Collectors from around the world look to us first when searching for specialist collectables, which is why a scan of almost every item is available to inspect online.

A postmark can help to establish the age of a postcard, and along with the message on the back, it offers provenance for collectors.

However, the type and condition of the postmark can affect the value.

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