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Dating royal doulton character jugs

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There are some minor firing faults on the reverse that are perfectly normal ,now please note that this is NOT damage but was something that happened in the Kiln when they were made.(Antique dealers in Ceramics ignore minor pottery firing faults,they are just part of the primitiveness of these delightful Olde England Antiques)Staffordshire figures were made for the humble Villager or peasant,they were not made for nobility as Meissen always was.Now of course the wheel has turned full circle and the nobility and upper classes adore these ancient figures,in fact we all do .

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Beautiful Victorian item that would grace any room.£115 including UK post.(sorry due to the weight UK sale only)Beautiful pair of hand painted Oriental vases.As you can see the ground colour is blush ivory,and the scenery Japanese.It is exactly as described on the website and beautiful.I can confirm what other customers say - it was fantastically well packaged - if it had got damaged in transit it would not have been any fault of yours!There is no damage and no restoration,also no staining.

They would be strong enough to use for floral decoration etc.,£195 the set.

In this section you will find Flow Blue, Staffordshire figures, Old blue and white transferware, Lustreware-copper, pink, purple, gold, silver resist, Georgian/Victorian Jugs, Relief Moulded Jugs, Busts, Tableware, Victorian Vases.

Sent: Tuesday, December 06, 2011 AM Subject: My Pastille Burner (Swan Cottage) Thank you so much for my lovely pastille burner which arrived before 9 this morning, despite my only ordering it lunchtime yesterday!

The item was made by the famous Wade pottery,and is in perfect condition,showing various views of Castles etc.

A beautiful item & not that easy to find.£58Set of 3 Victorian jugs that are truly superb. This is a beautiful little porcelain mug,only 2.8inches tall and made by William Lowe of Staffordshire to celebrate Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in 1897. Here we have a beautiful 1850 vase on plinth,showing elaborate panels of peacocks.

They are patterned in the imari colours,which always look so rich,and the were made and decorated in Staffordshire in 1891. Prettily hand decorated ~ all in all it is in excellent condition with just a very small firing flaw. The gold raised centre on the top of the vase is missing on the other/back side,although not noticeable.