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Dating tuck postcards

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A synopsis of the Academy’s foundation in Dublin in 1769 until its transfer to England following Independence in 1922, may be found here.There’s a strong sense of pathos about an institution set-up for the orphaned children of British soldiers itself becoming a feeder school for the army!

I suspect that my two hand-painted cards date from roughly the same period.The school buildings are still extant in the Phoenix Park, and after a period as an Irish military hospital became St. I let this one go today, it wasn’t a thing of beauty but I half wanted it just for the sake of completeness.Mary’s Hospital in 1948 – a role which it still serves today. A hand-coloured card with no indication as to the publisher and a poor representation of the artist’s work.No artists signatures on any of them, or series numbers, but at least all are titled!Three of them I hadn’t seen before and the strange “ I came across this unusual card on e Bay last week and was slightly baffled by it.Last week I purchased the two attractive cards – below – as soon as I came across them online.

At the time I knew at once that I had to have them as they were good quality, of locations that I collect and there was just something about them.

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” on e Bay recently and was intrigued as I had never heard of it before.

Ordinary calling cards and greeting cards could still be worth anywhere from $15 – $30 if they’re in pristine condition, unsigned and unmarked. There are people who do collect vintage greeting cards; however, they tend to specialize in, say, Christmas or Mother’s Day cards, or unusual cards such as pop-ups, die-cut cards and humorous cards.

But once again, the biggest prize goes to the unused cards, without blemish. Some old unsigned cards in good to excellent condition can be sold for about the same price as a modern card.

Personally, I’d hold on to the older, more handcrafted and unusual cards.