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Dating younger women tips

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Tamara Latorre also has been on the receiving end of social disapproval.When she and her boyfriend are at the movie theater, they often run into couples who knew him when he was married.

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The three have not yet met, although the couple is engaged.When Latorre spends her evenings studying, he sometimes complains that she's ignoring him, she says."I tell him I'm doing this so you can retire and I'll be able to earn money for us," she says. She studies only on weeknights and he often joins her.Erectile enhancing drugs such as Viagra have allowed many older men to continue an active sex life.At the same time, new fertility treatments have extended the childbearing years for women, making possible families like that of author Saul Bellow, who became a father at age 85 this year when his 44-year-old wife gave birth.Much of this stability comes from the fact that he is old enough to be established in his career.

While couples often work out the age gap, their families and friends may still not be very accepting.

The Internet has been a rich meeting ground, since it lets people communicate without revealing their ages.

"It brings everybody into the marketplace of life," he says.

"The concept of what age means in our society is changing very rapidly," says Ian Alger, MD, clinical professor of psychiatry at Weill Medical College of Cornell University.

With many men rejecting the idea that they should retire at age 65, older men are discovering they feel vigorous enough to mate and even to start new families, he says.

Trying to merge these cycles may involve reconciling to the fact that the woman will be left to raise a child by herself.