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We did the normal shopping and then found a nice pub fror lunch, the conversation got onto men and our current partners I told Jane that Dave had asked me if I would let him watch me with another guy or even better another woman.Jane said that is so typical I think most guys want that, I laughed and said definately and the subject wasnt talked about any more but I must admit I had thought about it.


The cryo chamber reaches temperatures of -137 degrees F by an electrically cooled system. Whole Body Cryotherapy is dry so it may not feel uncomfortable, unlike submersion in an ice bath might feel.Being typical females we spent a while getting ready, I wore a short black dress hold ups nice bra that lifted my 34 ff tits up and no knickers and black boots.Jane had a short floral dress on and wore heels and looked great, both complimenting each other.I tok my dress off so Jane could have me properly and layed on the floor, Jane started to kiss my body slowly and seductively and worked her way down to my pussy slowly teasing with her fingers and then her tongue my legs were wide apart so Jane could get a full view of my wet lips, Jane was sucking, licking and biting my pussy I was screaming in excitement and had the most amazing orgasm, we spent most of the evening discovering each others bodies.By the time Jane left I had bites all over my boobs and thighs, i was wet for days after she left just thinking about her. She looked quite amazing and had aged well about size 12, 5ft8, long dark hair and 34b boobs not to big but she looked good.

The next morning we decided to go out for lunch and bit of retail therapy.

Through a social networking site I caught up with a friend I went to school with, she now lives in London, after a short time talking she suggested coming to stay for a few days to keep me company and catch up with the past.

Jane arrived on the Friday night about ten, we had a few drinks and went to bed.

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