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A) The petition for this investigation was submitted by Indian Solar Manufacturers Association (ISMA) on behalf of Indosolar, Websol and Jupiter Solar.

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The investigation will continue for another 10 months, i.e., until 21st July 2018.Textured toughened (tempered) glass used in solar photovoltaic and thermal products originating in or exported from China will be subject to antidumping duties in India for the next five years.According to a government notification, the duty was imposed on solar glass with a minimum of 90.5 % transmission, having a thickness not exceeding 4.2 mm (including tolerance of 0.2 mm) and where at least one dimension exceeds 1,500 mm, whether coated or uncoated.Previously in July, the DGAD launched an anti-dumping investigation on solar imports from China, Taiwan and Malaysia, following an anti-dumping petition filed by the Indian Solar Manufacturers Associationpv magazine Global offers daily updates of the latest photovoltaics news.We also offer comprehensive global coverage of the most important solar markets worldwide.When it came to the price effect on account of imports of solar glass from China, the DGAD’s comparison of the landed values with the non-injurious prices of the domestic industry revealed significant price underselling, reports Mercom Capital.

With regard to consequent impact of the dumped imports on the domestic industry, DGAD concluded that the domestic industry suffered material injury during the period of investigation based on the facts that solar glass exported to India from China was below its associated normal value.

The pulp and paper industry had made substantial investments in the past five years, he said, and it was becoming very difficult to meet its financial obligations in view of significant drops in margins.

Two-three large paper mills have closed down, and, if no urgent steps are taken, more may follow.

Module manufacturers, who do not manufacture cells, such as Vikram Solar, Waaree and Alpex Solar, will not benefit.

Chinese companies such as GCL Poly and Trina solar have manufacturing facilities in Vietnam and Thailand and these facilities will not be impacted by the current anti-dummping investigation.

The ruling follows the recommendation made by the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties (DGAD) on June 20, 2017 and the final tariffs imposed by the Ministry of Finance were the same as those recommenced by DGAD.