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You put together a well thought out package, so nobody gets hurt. Even if the main elements are in place, at least it will awful.

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Yes, it’s tiresome, disheartening, and oftentimes as boring as watching grass grow next to an insurance agent. Download this free cheat sheet, print it, and keep it ready for your next editing extravaganza.This audio editing software is a full-featured professional audio and music editor for Windows and Mac.It lets you record and edit music, voice and other audio recordings.What you do: Oh, how you love your 30-page-description of every single room in the castle!You think you described that castle really well and in enough detail for everybody to imagine what it looks like; and you put that description right at the beginning, so people start off on the right foot.In a world that is constantly looking for quick fixes, that means a lot.

Slowly but surely, you are becoming a great teller of your tales…

You can download a summary of this post to quickly go over before your next editing session. That story might be awesome or a miserable fail, but after dedicating some effort to editing, you will know that you have given it your all, and this will make you proud.

The sheet also contains one additional tip that’s not included in this post: to ask once your story is done; you can use it to check your story in any way you could ever imagine. You have given your best, you have grown as a writer, and you will do even better with your next story!

You just stick your snout into the text at random, like said boar. The Solution: Leave some time between writing and editing.

The Problem: Granted, this kind of editing is better than no editing. You might catch or not catch bigger and smaller flaws in your story, and you might end up with a fairly good or a rather bad story. These are two very different states of mind, it’s like creativity vs craft.

And after you are finished, not only are you supposed to go through all of this once again, but more times? So you just skip it, or do it one time, sloppily, and then you tell yourself it’s enough, and move on to your next story. Whatever we write, we need to dedicate some effort to polishing it.