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Excel vlookup not updating

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I can think of a few ex-bosses of mine who would hate if I removed any formatting from files that we gave to our clients, but if it’s an internal working file, then avoid formatting it just to make it look pretty for you.

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You can reduce the file size of your Excel workbook by unhiding all sheets, and checking if you still require that data or not.We’ve all encountered them before: unnecessarily large files in Microsoft Excel.They’re difficult to email to colleagues or customers, take too long to open, and tend to take a long time to update or change formulas every time you change a value.If you only want to recalculate one sheet, then Shift F9 will calculate the currently selected sheet.Now, you might notice some strange behaviour when Manual is selected.Formatting such as borders and highlighting are good examples to remove.

Conditional Formatting is a fantastic way to visually compare any changes in numbers in data ranges, but it can come at a hefty price – a bloated Excel file!

If you edit a cell containing a formula and press Enter, that formula will calculate as usual.

If you then copy that formula to other cells, the previous result will be displayed (temporarily! Don’t worry about it, just keep working as normal and once you press the F9 key (or change the Calculation option back to Automatic) the sheet will update completely.

If formula calculation is slowing down your work, then go ahead and disable it.

A large number of Excel users don’t even know this option is available – you can find it in the Formulas tab in the Excel ribbon, towards the end: While formula calculation is set to Manual, you can force a recalculation of the entire workbook by pressing the F9 key.

One mistake some Excel users make is to apply formatting to an entire sheet, or an entire group of rows or columns.