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Field guide for dating a surfer

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For one thing, the women constantly complain that "there aren't any good men here," and the men constantly complain that "yeah, there just aren't any good women here." These arguments obviously can't both be true; they are what are referred to in philosophical discourse as mutually negating.Tofino is a place with a disproportionate population of single humans in the 20 to 40 demographic, and the majority of them are good people of reasonable attractiveness. I'm not sure exactly, but it probably has something to do with the weather--the infinitely grey and depressing months which, instead of leading people into happy hibernation in one another's arms, instead inculcate sullen antisocial resentments against most everyone and everything as Seasonal Affective Disorder runs its winter course. It is the time of emergences, of cherry blossoms and new growth, of birds and bees, of animals going looking for mates, of halter tops and bared calves and the reactivation of the slumbering libido.

And if you make it back to a guest room, only three words need apply: double-soaker Jacuzzi.It's a good place to go for a surf or to wind down from city pace or to pretend to be as hip and with-it and painfully cool as the rest of Tofino's younger population.Yes, it seems that if you don't count the sore lack of an ice rink, Tofino is the ideal Canadian town, a sort of West Coast Mayberry.A good pair of khakis or a slinky evening gown are required at the Pointe.Class and decorum are essential, as is the ability to order a sophisticated drink.Tofino, for most intents and purposes, is a decent enough town.

The rents are manageable; the tap water is drinkable; the cops are honest; there's work to be had; there are parades and mom-and-pop groceries and a pharmacy and everything else a self-respecting small town should have.

If you play it as it lays and take the scene for what it is, Long Beach is a good place to meet some genuinely cool people.

As that old song says, underneath the starry sky and the sea, there on the sands of Waikiki...

Every year, the Fairfield Thrifty's is voted the top place to pick up in Victoria.

And the same formula applies here, albeit with a rural edge.

If things go well, Radar Hill (which is our Mulholland Drive, our Tour Eiffel) is the place to go, with postcard sunset views and ample parking space. The return of spring means the return of evening glass-off surfs at Long Beach.