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I'm pretty much an open person and will answer just about anything if I'm asked. I have very little drama and tend not to be very materialistic. Though, I'm not too good at just being able to sit down and say what I'm like.

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This paradigm was notably questioned in Socratic dialogues; the Stoics produced the first recorded condemnation of slavery.It is certain that Athens had the largest slave population, with as many as 80,000 in the 6th and 5th centuries BC, with average of three or four slaves per household, except in poor families.Modern historiographical practice distinguishes between chattel slavery (personal possession, where the slave was regarded as a piece of property as opposed to a mobile member of society) versus land-bonded groups such as the penestae of Thessaly or the Spartan helots, who were more like medieval serfs (an enhancement to real estate).The world's first, largest, secure and most effective dating site for bisexual, bi-curious singles and bi couples.Our site is designed just for bisexual, bi-curious individuals and bi couples.Documentation is disjointed and very fragmented, focusing primarily on the city-state of Athens.

No treatises are specifically devoted to the subject, and jurisprudence was interested in slavery only inasmuch as it provided a source of revenue.

The terminology differs: the slave is no longer do-e-ro (doulos) but dmōs.

There were some male slaves, especially in the Odyssey, a prime example being the swineherd Eumaeus.

The slave was distinctive in being a member of the core part of the oikos ("family unit", "household"): Laertes eats and drinks with his servants; Solon (c.

594-593 BC) forbade slaves from practising gymnastics and pederasty.

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