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This week, FBI Director James Comey reaffirmed a position he’s expressed in the past, claiming that he covers his computer’s camera with tape.“I think people ought to take responsibility for their own safety and security,” Comey proposed at a Center for Strategic and International Studies conference, according to the Comey’s not alone in that commitment: Mark Zuckerberg supposedly obscures his laptop’s camera as well, and as Will Oremus points out, he’s right to do so.

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Thomas’ chosen tape also features a print that helpfully reminds us why we’re doing this in the first place.All these programs have something unique to offer, so depending on what you want to do with your webcam, you can choose the right program for you.Most of these programs are free, but some also have premium versions, as we tried to cover all available options.So, we found 10 camera apps for Windows 10 that will help you use the full potential of your webcam.All apps from this list are perfectly compatible with Windows 10, but most of them work just fine on older versions of Windows, as well.Check out our list of the best video recording and image capturing programs for Windows 10 below.

Many Cam is perhaps the most recognizable program on the list, as it surely is among the most popular ones.

It’s a charming method, then, but maybe not the Invisible tape: While you would think that a translucent barrier would be ineffective, the invisible tape I put over my computer’s camera actually obscured the resulting image better than the more colorful sticker I tried, though a faint outline was still visible.

Significantly, the tape also largely disappeared against my computer’s frame, while still making it easy to tell when the camera’s activity light was on, making it an ideal option for paranoiacs who don’t want to publicize their paranoia, but want to know when they should be paranoid.

In the meantime, you can buy physical covers online, sure, but having already delayed too long, I wanted something fast.

In an attempt to determine the best option as quickly as possible, I quizzed others at Post-It Notes: In the past, I've noticed that a few of my colleagues simply employ a torn-off fragment of a post-it notes.

My own testing indicated that this option was highly contingent on the hue of the paper itself, since lighter shades (including the common yellow varietal) may let enough light through to capture the hint of an image.