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But we can turn credit card companies’ strategy on its head with a little self-control, a budget and a commitment to purposeful spending.

In 2010, credit card companies made nearly $164 billion off revenue from credit card accounts.They’re hoping we won’t be able to resist advertising ploys (and I work in the advertising industry, writing the tag lines designed to get people to make purchases, so I know how effective they can be).The best credit cards offer rewards designed to entice us to buy, spend and shop beyond our means.You don’t get that feeling though, if you stop making your payments.Our answering machine filled up with messages from scary-sounding people threatening to come to our home, put us in jail and all other manner of threatening actions if we didn’t pay up.To answer this question, I really needed to start with asking myself two questions – namely, ‘Who am I borrowing from? ‘ Early in our marriage, John and I used credit cards to fund a lifestyle that was beyond our means.

He’s talked about it here before, but we made short-sighted, impulsive purchase decisions, and we used our credit cards to fund those decisions.

Trips to Vegas, dinners out, new tennis shoes, and movie tickets are just some of the things I remember buying.

Now, there’s nothing wrong with buying those things, or even using a credit card to do it, but our problem was that we didn’t have the money in our budget to afford them.

It was at that moment that I realized who I had been borrowing money from all along.

My credit card company wasn’t a kind, wealthy benefactor looking to fund the lifestyles of strangers.

We don’t make purchases that we haven’t already budgeted money for, and we use the rewards creditors are willing to give us to our advantage.