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Fuck date without signing up

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Home Advisor PRO is a fast and easy way to get customers and grow your business.However, it’s a controversial subject with contractors.

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Not only does HA build links back to their own site in the small business’s name, but they also list HA’s phone number.Some businesses are experiencing massive success with the service while others trash talk it and describe it as a scam. And most importantly, should use them to generate leads?That is the ultimate question I’ll answer in this article.Most of the complaints are about HA sending low quality leads and “scamming” well-meaning contractors.While there are some low quality leads for sure (I’ve experienced this myself), I think that a big source of the complaints is from businesses who can’t close the sale.The real value came from helping me build a client base from nothing while I worked on other, long term marketing strategies that I rely on now.

The lifetime value of the customers I gained was much greater than just $4k as well.

However, I don’t agree with some of their business practices, namely how they use a company’s name to direct leads back to their website. I personally no longer use HA, and I dropped them as soon as I could keep my schedule filled without them.

I view this service as a tool for jump-starting a small business, but not as a long term marketing tool.

If you decide to sign up for HA, be sure to read the fine print, because by signing up with them, you give them the rights to use your business name for marketing purposes such as directing links back their own site.

That means they can go out, create a bunch of profiles on online business directories in your business name, and send customers directly to Home Advisor, and then sell the leads to somebody else!

I couldn’t believe it myself until I read their terms of service and then did a quick google of my business name.