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A potential plan that may kick in with a bond issue question around 2020 or 2021 talks about expanding the current high school.

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****** Mid-Continent Public Library will lose around $73,000 per year in personal property tax revenue from the loss of Harley-Davidson.The allegations put his police officer’s license at risk.Full story on the front page of this issue of The Landmark.****** Those in a position to know are hinting that Ferrelview may have caught a break in having Schuler as the state auditor staffer overseeing the probe at Ferrelview.His reputation is of being one of the “more flexible” audit managers on the state auditor’s staff.I’m a Justin Timberlake fan but I found his Super Bowl halftime show very underwhelming. ****** If there is still any buzz about a potential second high school for Platte County R-3, it’s time to cool the jets. And based on some projected enrollment numbers being discussed, it may still be a very distant vision.

This became clear after I sat in on a meeting of a long range facility planning task force last Wednesday night.

Real estate taxes from Harley to the library are $30,000 per year.

****** As you read in last week’s Landmark, a state audit of the Village of Ferrelview Municipal Court shows the village collected more than 20% of its general operating revenue from municipal court fines, bond forfeitures and court costs allowed by state law.

The auditor added a sentence saying “because of potential additional errors in the financial records and uncertainty regarding the fines and court costs amount, it is unclear how much is actually due.” The auditor then recommended the village officials recalculate excess revenues for 2016 and pay that amount to the DOR.

Mickey Vulgamott, municipal court clerk, has since recalculated the total revenues collected and the new figure shows the village collected 36% of its operating revenue through the court instead of 43%.

For tax year 2017, Harley-Davidson paid $935,024 to Platte County R-3 in personal property taxes.