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As TA practitioners, how are you considering using or adopting artificial intelligence technologies? Kenneth Mark Colby (1920 – April 20, 2001) was an American psychiatrist dedicated to the theory and application of computer science and artificial intelligence to psychiatry.

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He is perhaps best known for the development of a computer program called PARRY, which mimicked a person with paranoid schizophrenia and could "converse" with others. Colby began his career in psychoanalysis as a clinical associate at the San Francisco Institute of Psychoanalysis in 1951.I discussed in more detail the four transformations and the peril and opportunity they present in our industry recently on Cornerstone On Demand’s Rework Blog. I mention this because still a number of HR and recruiting leaders still rely on staffing plans and dashboards that are managing and maintained mostly via spreadsheet.And yet here we are talking about the future of recruiting and talent acquisition.And this is why I focused my list-building and research efforts on talent acquisition because there is so much interest, curiosity, and confusion from those of us who are looking at trialing and testing this new breed of HR or talent acquisition technology at our company.In short, I had multiple reader requests to develop a list and so I am focusing on talent acquisition AI tools first.I’m listing the technologies in alphabetical order.

If I have missed you from the list, please leave a comment as this list will evolve as I’m made aware of more AI talent acquisition technologies.

According to Berin’s 2017 Human Capital Trends Report, 38% of companies believe AI and robotics will be fully implemented in their company within 5 years.

We are sitting at a growing technological divergence in our industry that is more apparent than ever before with the ushering of technologies like AI which are part of the fourth transformation of technology.

Do you have an AI tool or technology that you have either developed or are using in your recruiting and hiring efforts?

Leave a comment below and I’ll be in touch with you.

This is the exact reason I made the decision to aggregate a list of the technologies that I am aware of so that as TA leaders you can do your full due diligence.