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Herpes dating seattle personal ad

When you are first diagnosed with genital herpes, you may want to find someone to blame. If, however, you are in a relationship with a person who knew that he or she was infected with the herpes virus and lied to you about it, that's a different story.

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Remember, one in five adults is infected with the herpes virus.Genital herpes is a frightening diagnosis for many people.Society often puts out the message that people with herpes are dirty or somehow flawed.If you have been together for a while, recommend that your partner be tested for the virus.If you are starting a new relationship, testing is still a good idea.Since you have had one outbreak, you will probably have several more over the next year.

Over time, however, your outbreaks will likely become less frequent.

However, many people are living with herpes -- more people than you'd expect.

The fact that they have herpes says nothing about them other than that they were exposed to a virus.

Whether you have been together for years, or you're just starting out, the conversation will be difficult. Start by being comfortable with the information yourself.

Know how herpes is transmitted and how you can reduce the risk of giving it to your partner.

Because condoms aren't 100% protective against herpes, there is always the possibility that you will pass the disease onto your sexual partners.