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If you continue to have any technical difficulties, either with your username and password or with the payment options, please contact News Bank by e-mail at [email protected]

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As always, teachers and instructor volunteers are welcome to apply.At this time, drunkenness, dueling, brawling, prostitution, and profanity began to become a problem in early Houston. Austin became capital again in 1845, just before Texas gained statehood.Soon, Houstonians were prompted to put an end to their problems; so, they wanted to make a Chamber of Commerce just for the city. This move could not have come sooner, as the city was suffering from financial problems and numerous yellow fever outbreaks, including an 1839 outbreak that killed about 12 percent of its population. In addition to Perkins and Carlos, the charter members admitted were: Henry R. German immigrants started arriving in Texas and Houston after the Revolutions of 1848 in the German states.On January 1, 1837, the town comprised twelve residents and one log cabin; four months later there were 1,500 people and 100 houses. When Mexico was again threatening Texas, President Sam Houston moved the capital to Houston on June 27, 1842.The city was granted incorporation by the state legislature on June 5, 1837 and was made as the temporary capital of Texas. However, the Austin residents wanted to keep the archives in their city. The capital was then moved to Washington on-the-Brazos on September 29.The Academy specializes in nurturing the mind, body and spirit of young artists.

Since 1992 we have created a range of offerings beyond our academy classes and productions.

The classes provide a fascinating look at the process of producing theatrical performance. To Register Call: 713.439.0181 / For More Information e-Mail [email protected]

Students enrolled in Spring Academy classes are eligible to perform in our Spring Fling Showcase at the Jeannette and L. Academy Productions create an experience that may last a lifetime.

A bill had been introduced on November 26, 1838 in Congress that would establish this entity. Also, on January 14, 1839, the capital had been moved to Austin, known as Waterloo at the time. Many were educated and arrived with capital to set up businesses or buy farms.

On April 4, 1840, John Carlos hosted a meeting to establish the Houston Chamber of Commerce at the City Exchange building. The port in Houston was getting some shipping business, but the shallowness of the water hampered massive shipping.

They bid on land at Morgan's Point and Harrisburg before settling on the eventual Houston site.