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Icp dating game music video

Its award winning content offerings are both engaging and educational, endearing it to children, as well as to parents and teachers.

Below is a sample of these companies, that have announced our investment publicly: At Qiming, we are very selective about who we work with.Because of the popularity of karaoke in China, they offer KLyric, a client software product that loads into Windows Media Player and automatically matches any MP3 to its lyrics with very high accuracy.They also offer Kbox, a music player competitor to Windows media player, which allows users to play any of the millions of songs available on the Chinese Internet with associated lyrics, relevant photos of artists and albums, as well as music videos.Below is a sample of these companies, that have announced our investment publicly: Founded in 2008, Forgame Group is one of the largest cloud-based gaming companies in China.The group consists of 2 game developing brands - Feiyin and Jieyou, and 1 game publishing platform – Weidong.The company's conception is to explore children's interests and talents, to develop children's habits and skills, and to share the joy and happiness of children's growth.

Slanissue-owned is the leading children's development website in China.

Tiebaobei serves buyers and sellers through an online-to-offline way: Tiebaobei will detect sellers’ machineries and upload detection reports together with other basic information to Tiebaobei online platform; buyers can view machineries online and attend offline auctions which held by Tiebaobei.

PPStream provides streaming video programming to a large and growing audience of Chinese viewers.

Up to 1st half of 2012, Forgame group have accumulatively developed 20 cloud-based games and own more than 100M registered users.

Taomee Holdings Limited (“Taomee” or “the Company”) is China’s leader in children's entertainment and media.

Founded in 2009, Wacai is the first mobile personal wealth management application in China.