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Imamzen sex

Al-Shirbini comments: and vice-versa including the genitals but it is makruh unless there is need. He also says: "The saying of the Imam that enjoyment of the rear (dubur) without penetration (eelaaj) is licit, is explicit in that [looking is permissible]." Iqna`, Mughni.) Hujjat al-Islam Imam al-Ghazzali himself rahimahullah said in the Ihya - on which Hartford sometimes relies at the exclusion of standard fiqh or hadith sources: "The husband should not penetrate his wife during menstruation... As for enjoying what is short of this such as the buttocks, it is not prohibited, in fact, all other than that is allowed." According to Imam al-Suyuti rahimahullah in al-Wishaah min Fawaa'id al-Nikaah, the best work of Arabic coitology (`ilm al-baah) is Tuhfat al-`Arus wa-Nuzhat al-Nufus, by the eighth-century (Maliki?

In a book written by Hedaya Hartford, (May Allah reward her), it says that oral sex(cunnilingus/felatio) has been declared haram by the ulama, because it does not agree with human nature.*** This is one paragraph of her book _Initiating and Upholding an Islamic Marriage_ (Dar al-Fikr 2000, available at - Allah reward her - which I found needed revising. 156): "In response to numerous inquiries on the topic of oral sex as it is practiced and understood in the West, the consensus among the sheikhs and traditional scholars is that it contravenes the adab (proper Islamic behavior) of an Islamic marriage, and is revolting to a sound human nature (fitra).The Maliki fatwa on the licitness of oral stimulation is confirmed by Imam al-Qurtubi in his Tafsir for Surat al-Nur (24), verse 31: The Scholars (al-nas) have two positions concerning the licitness of the man looking at the woman's pudendum.One is that it is licit, because if it is licit for him to enjoy it then a fortiori to look at it.In our own time, Qadi Muhammad Ahmad Kan`an of Beirut in his book on marital etiquette _Usul al-Mu`ashara al-Zawjiyya_ ("Principles of Marital Cohabitation" Dar al-Basha'ir al-Islamiyya, 8th ed. 99-100) gives the fatwa that oral sex between spouses is licit.As for the implicit fatwas to that effect they are countless.142 al-Bija'i mentions more explicit fatwas in the context of the discussion on looking: We now turn to the permissibility of looking at the [wife's] pudendum (faraj)...

from the words of Imam Abu al-Hasan [`Ali ibn Muhammad] Ibn al-Qattan [al- Fasi the Maliki hadith Master (d.

See also al-Munawi, Fayd al-Qadir, al-Ghumari, al-Mudawi `ala al-Munawi, and Kanz al-`Ummal.

Furthermore the Qur'an emphasizes the high number of children as a worldly blessing while sustaining them is a Divine responsibility before being a human responsibility.

This is a forgery according to Ibn Abi Hatim, Ibn Hibban, Ibn al-Jawzi, al-Dhahabi, al-Munawi, Ibn Hajar, al-Shawkani, al-Fattani, and others.

Because one of its chains in the Sunan looks good - as stated by Ibn al-Salah - al-Suyuti hesitated to rule it a forgery in al-La'ali'.

However, the question may be answered by replacing the words "anal intercourse" with "normal intercourse at the time of menses." If the analogy is correct then the answer is: this prohibition does not only refer to male genital parts but is absolute.