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Intimidating police uniforms

Note that a unique face as a symbol of identity means that You ALL Look Familiar allows for unmasked but identical mooks to be effectively Faceless.

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If even hurting them seems a bit extreme, you'll get Mecha-Mooks instead who are beaten till they show broken gears and sparks.However, it is the latter item, the consumption of alcoholic beverages that tends to lessen or remove inhibitions in many people, which is frequent cause of problems and, increasingly, litigation for bar and club operators.While applicable to all types of establishments as their circumstances and clientele dictate, this article is targeted toward mid and larger sized bars and nightclubs, including dance clubs and adult entertainment establishments, such as "gentleman's clubs".This may be why heroes never have trouble hitting the Faceless Goons, yet the Faceless Goons can't hit the hero not wearing a mask. It's not completely unknown for the good guys' Red Shirt Army to get this treatment, but nowhere near as common.Should one of them lose their mask, they'll become a Uniformity Exception.Tavern and nightclub management should first identify and assess the risks to their particular establishment, including any violence during the last few years at the club, and to a lesser extent the the violent crime history in their immediate neighborhood and at any nearby bars or clubs.

Management should then develop its security plan based on the type of customers they attract, plus the known or likely risks or problems.

It's much easier to accept characters as evil (and by extension, feel no tug of sympathy as wave after wave of them get wiped out by the heroes) if you are able to forget that there's actually a human being behind each mask.

Not showing any pesky emotions to undercut their menace also adds quite a bit to the creepiness factor.

Not to be confused with Faceless Masses, Faceless Eye or The Blank.

by Ralph Witherspoon, CPP, CSC The goal of most bars, taverns, lounges and nightclubs is to provide a hospitable gathering place where patrons can have a good time, often by listening to or watching entertainment, and/or dancing, while purchasing and consuming the establishment's primary product — alcoholic beverages.

That responsibility usually includes the club's parking lot, and in some cases, based on local law or ordinance, the sidewalks and other areas immediately adjacent to the bar or club, which are routinely used by its guests.