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I plotted my first novel ‘Hunter’s Chase’ organically but, after attending a course run by Sue Moorcroft at last years’ Swanwick Writers’ Summer School, I plotted the sequel ‘Hunter’s Revenge’ using diagrams and spreadsheets. Both have strengths and weaknesses and either can be successful for crafting a novel.

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The Adult Day Services Program provides a structured environment which includes activities proven to improve the quality of life for the participant.While others visualise the way the book will take shape using dozens of bits of paper laid out on their desk or even on the floor.It must be important to make sure the windows are closed if you plot this way!Hunter’s perseverance and patience are put to the test time after time in this taught crime thriller.Plotting is central to writing a novel, but it is a highly individual process. Some plot organically while others plot in a very orderly fashion.However you plot your novel, the goal is the same, to allow the journey it is about take shape, and that will last several months on the road with a novel.

It is important that you, as an author, choose between the ‘organic’ and ‘orderly’ methods of plotting so that you are comfortable that your choice works best for you and the book you are setting out to write.

I’ve a feeling this is a story that’s going to take the crime fiction world by storm. Can you share the blurb for Hunter’s Chase to entice all of the crime fans out there: Hunter by name – Hunter by nature: DI Hunter Wilson will not rest until Edinburgh is safe.

Thanks for joining me today on the blog to chat a little bit about that… DI Hunter Wilson knows there is a new supply of cocaine flooding his city and he needs to find the source but his attention is transferred to murder when a corpse is discovered in the grounds of a golf course.

(If you are living alone because your spouse was placed in care or your love one has passed you are considered a survivor) For additional information regarding any of these available support services please call, ADAKC at (661) 665-8871 or Toll Free at (888) 571-3443.

Funding for caregiver programs are made possible through a grant from the Kern County Department of Aging and Adult Services, provided to them by the Federal Government.

Adult day health care services are focused on meeting the needs of the frail elderly client, as well as younger adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities.