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I had a bit of a worrying meeting with my accountant and afterwards said, ‘Oh fuck it, let’s do this gig’.” In 1997, O’Connor backed out of the Sharing Jerusalem: Two Capitals For Two States concert after receiving death threats.

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It’s just a bad word to me, ‘Israel’.” We’ll be talking music with Sinéad in our next issue.“The other acts on the bill also had to be from across all those divides.That was a bit of a hot potato and not settled, when someone who had no business doing so sneakily released the information saying it was confirmed, which it never was. “At the same time, musicians are notoriously stupid/ignorant people and I didn’t realise – nor was I told by my booking agent or anyone else – that if I stepped foot there I would in fact be breaking this cultural boycott and may as well be shitting all over the Palestinian people.“I was refusing and refusing for a year, and a certain amount of pressure was put on me and then it became apparent a few months ago that frankly I could do with the money.We’re all in trouble financially and I’m no different.Read More Sinéad O’Connor is one of the high-profile artists ready to leap into studio action if a proposed Blind Willie Johnson tribute album raises the required $125,000 Kickstarter funds by November 16.

Read More Sinéad O’Connor’s online war of words with Miley Cyrus continues to simmer away.

Sinéad O’Connor has spoken exclusively to Hot Press about a show she was reportedly due to have played on September 11 in Caesarea, a town located half-way between Tel Aviv and Haifa.

“There was an offer which I was only prepared to entertain if Israeli Arabs, Palestinians, whoever, were welcome at the gig,” she explains.

Appearing last Friday on the Late Late Show, O’Connor said she wanted an end to the highly publicised spat and the spotlight to be shone instead on the overly-controlling nature of the mainstream music industry.

Read More Twenty years ago, on October 3 1992, Sinead O’Connor ripped up a picture of the Pope on the iconic US television show Saturday Night Live.

Having made a NUMBER ONE record that’s as playful as it is deeply personal, an upbeat Sinead O’Connor discusses music, marriage, Miley, Boy George, Lou Reed, Massive Attack and latex fetishwear.