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The run started in 1977 and is usually held on Dec. However this time, their rite of passage was overshadowed by women streakers wearing wigs and masks.The women emerged moments after the APO streakers left the hall about a.m.

They were hemmed in by two lines of police, who pushed back anyone who attempted to break through.In a series of haunting images to emerge from the tragedy, Breivik is seen dressed in the dark police uniform that won his victims’ trust, brandishing a weapon as lifeless bodies float in the shallows.One disturbing photograph, published on our front page and below, shows a man waist-deep in the water, his hands aloft, apparently pleading for his life. The bloodbath on the tiny island of Utoya has stunned Norway.About 20 men and women went ahead with the protest near the city center however, stripping completely. They were joined by scores of other protesters who kept on all or part of their clothing.Activists from all over Western Europe had planned to run nude along the route for this week’s annual bull runs, but police in the northern Spanish city said the protest was unauthorised and blocked their way.The run takes the bulls from corrals to the bullring, where later in the day they are fought.

The festival was made famous by Ernest Hemingway in his 1920s novel The Sun Also Rises.

Reuters Two Naked Girls Crash Annual Oblation Run in Manila Philippines MANILA, Philippines February 2006– Alpha Phi Omega (APO) fraternity members continued a yearly initiation ritual, the Oblation Run, where the pledges parade around the campus in colorful mask, but are otherwise nude, carrying protest signs.

Students and onlookers with cameras and cell phones line the street to watch.

Many of them suffer from broken bones,” said Sean Gifford, of the US-based People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals group that organised the protest.

“At the end of that terrified stampede, a gruesome death in the bullfighting ring awaits them,” he said.

The demonstrators’ views did not seem to carry much weight with ordinary Pamplona residents.