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Ladyboy dating videos

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Now I’m not talking about her punching your arm cause she catches you scoping some other hot chick. I know people who have been stabbed and threatened with death. It has nothing to do with love, it’s about jealousy and possessiveness. Unfortunately, Asian culture seems to regard jealousy as a virtue, when in fact it is a corrosive disease that wrecks relationships.

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Plus, 20 dollars goes a long way in the Phils or Thailand. But inside a whore’s head a connection gets formed between sex and money.All photos, images, and text content displayed on this website are original and copyright property of Asian exclusively.Any website or publication using our images and/or text without explicit written permission will be prosecuted for domestic and/or international copyright infringement. You may post up to 5 photos from our website in news groups and online clubs, but credit must be given to And don’t run away with the idea that ladyboy whores are miserable sex-slaves. She’ll be calling you ‘dear’ and ‘darling’, or ‘mahal’ if she’s a Flippa. You might have booked your flight to go see her, a hotel even. The scam works like this: a girl will approach men, through dating sites, Facebook or whatever, and begin to chat.After a while and we are all lovey-dovey, she springs this version of the Ladyboy Trap (although ggs do it too.) She will say it’s her birthday/her mother’s birthday/she has a bill to pay/whatever.OK, if she claims it’s her birthday, send her 20 dollars for a cake — that will buy a hell of a cake in Thailand or the Philippines. Any such gifts should come as surprises and not be asked for.

Now it is true that Filipinas in particular will unashamedly ask for gifts on a special occasion, but what is meant, in the broader culture, is a bunch of flowers, a box of chocolates or something of similar value, say 5 dollars. If she tells you she needs something more expensive, beware!!

Many girls in the former earn less than that a week, if they’re working. If you have a relationship with a whore, then she will always want money.

Basically, all whores and nearly all ex-whores are gold-diggers. It might not be on a per-fuck basis, but there will be the aircon unit, the refrigerator, the new washing machine for her mother…you follow?

They are wonderful, beautiful, so sexy that just watching one walking down the street will get your dick hard. They can be incredibly close friends and because deep inside that beautiful sexy creature there is actually a male, they will understand you better than any genetic woman ever will. This one will bleed you dry and she has a heart as cold and hard as flint. The first rule in protecting yourself from this harpy is this: NEVER under any circumstances, send her any money until you have met her in person.

Well, not all ladyboys, aka transsexuals, are so nice. If you are communicating with her online — a common way for the Ladyboy Trap to operate — she will always be online when she says she will.

As an aside, there is a legitimate version of sponsorship.